Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Watch This Space for New Launch

Coming soon, a new concept, a fresh idea, a conglomeration of visions brought to life over some Merlot of questionable vintage. The "Almost The News" blog is part of a joint effort to high light new comedic talent, and present news stories Ala "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, our inspiration, our primary news source, our choice for President in 2008. Think BIG FOLKS!

On You Tube, we are launching our personal channel, Comedy Decentralized...the link to follow. We also are forming a group on You Tube called, "The Daily Show Annex" where any one who has created an audition tape for the "Daily Show is welcome to share it with the world. We'll be featuring the best submissions along with other humorous Video from You Tube on Comedy Decentralized.

WATCH THIS SPACE for fast breaking developments.

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