Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Internet Revenues POURING In

This just in from our Chief Accounting Officer...up for less than 12 hours, "Almost The News" is already IN THE BLACK! This astonishing reality, this leap into profitability should have people thinking GOOGLE, or at the very least You Tube on steroids. So, how did we do it, what was our magic formula? In a word...OK, in two words, Ad Sense! Their advertisers LOVE THIS SITE, the whole premise of it is REVOLUTIONARY in both vision and scope.

Let's look at the numbers. Cost of putting the blog on ? Nothing, zip, nada, or as we say in the industry, a FREEBIE. Laptop...borrowed. Office Space...who are we kidding here, I'm working at the coffee table in my living room while watching CNN...shhh, don't let that get around. Salaries and other compensations...none, we all work for nothing because we love what we do. So, start up costs for this blogging dynamo...NOTHING! Are you beginning to see it would NOT TAKE MUCH for us to move into the black? So, how much have we made so far in this venture?

Total earnings $0.01

With this incredible, even meteoric rise into profitability, thinking we should open up another bottle of wine while we wait for the investors to beat a path to our door. Today, a penny, tomorrow two, and then three...the world is our oyster, the universe waiting for our rising star.

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