Monday, November 27, 2006

Ticky Tacky Award GOES TO...Talking Points Blog

Cruising through my links looking for Ticky Tacky, came across a whole new low in blogging, compliments of Joshua Micah Marshall over at the Talking Points Memo. Granted, we all hope to earn a living blogging, hope advertisers will beat a path to our blogs with FISTS full of dollars. We have our side bars set up, looking attractive, and we hope...that's fine, but Joshua Micah Marshall has taken advertising and the hunt for DOLLARS to a new low by forcing us to put up with advertising placed right into the blog area short, you cannot scroll through his musings and overly self important posturing without having to look at ads for ridiculous products...serious, these are ads for low end TICKY TACKY, which is why I am awarding Joshua Micah Marshall our "Almost The News" Ticky Tacky Award.
Sorry Joshua, no trophy, but maybe you can use the link back in this article as a means to generate a few more ad sense points for yourself.

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