Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our First Featured You Tube Selection

Who hasn't known the dark sorrowful abyss of rejection?

From childhood when we are denied that candy bar while grocery shopping, to being turned down the first time we asked someone out on a date, we have experienced, lived through it, and grown used to it. Rejection makes success all that more rewarding, provides us a backdrop for life's successes as we move into adulthood. How many fledgling writers, comedians, artists, and YES, even bloggers have known the bitter yet sweet despair of rejection? How many of us have reveled in that momentary desire to seek out revenge on the freaking numb nut, under educated, buffoon who has dared voice a negative thought about our body of creative works, how many of us have mumbled those famous words, "What do they know any way?"

For all of us who have been told no, for all of us who have excitedly opened up a letter only to find a politely worded thanks, but no thanks, we offer you this video in the hopes it will make you laugh at yourself, and the world. I leave you with these words of wisdom that were shared early on in my own artistic career...Don't take rejection so seriously, it's only one person's opinion of your work."

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