Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hot, Sexy, Sizzling and GREEN

Here at Almost the News, we like GREEN COMPANIES, and on occasion try to give a green group or green product a plug, such as our piece on the Ecobabes efforts to raise funds to fight Global Warming by selling calendars. Which by the way, for those of you looking for a great Christmas gift, there are only 5000 of these rare treats. Another project that I've personally been following, and am very excited about is the Tesla Motor Company's entry into the environmentally friendly automobile category.

On an early blog I abandoned, this sexy car was featured a few times, and thought now was a good time to introduce my readers to it again. This is not your father's electric car, it's bold sleek styling flat out beautiful to behold, and the convertible is to die for. Earlier this year they offered up a limited edition of 100 cars that sold out so fast they had to offer up another 100 for those car aficionado's that can afford this luxury GREEN CAR...yes, sadly they are not cheap with a price tag right around $100,000. That being said, if Santa Claus is reading this article, I would not mind finding one under my Christmas Tree.

At the other end of the spectrum is one of the UGLIEST entries into the Green Car race I have ever seen, but then what can we expect, it's from HUMMER.

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