Sunday, December 24, 2006

Who Needs A Clue. Perez Hilton or Advertisers?

Good Money Going Down The Drain?
OK, I admit...I knew NOTHING about Perez Hilton until I heard this blogger was being SUED by someone for something...OH, I remember...stealing copious amounts of material from someone else who paid someone else to pester various assorted A list people to death hoping for some scandal big enough to grace the front pages of some GOSSIP RAG. You know the routine, Paris Hilton and Brittany running around Hollywood with no panties will be just fine.

I never gave the issue much thought, choosing instead to turn into the Daily Show, and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, and maintaining my various assorted politically oriented blogs...until this morning when I was checking on my blog statistics over on Ad Brite...IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I found out that those who advertise on Washington Scandal have also advertised on Perez Hilton's blog! As we all do, I decided to do some COMPARISONS between Washington Scandal that has a lot of original political commentary, and Perez Hilton's blog.

Daily Traffic

Perez Hilton (some probably phooney, or from friends) 230
Washington Scandal 270

Daily Traffic Winner....WASHINGTON SCANDAL

Unique Visitors (This one is telling...someone is maybe running a scam?)

Perez Hilton 20
Washington Scandal 160

Hmmmm.....any one notice some oddity going on? Perez Hilton has only 20 Unique Visitors on this particular daily shot of statistics, but 230 site visits which translates to 11 page views per visitor! Would not take very many PALS to create and illusion now would it? What if those same visitors are also doing some extra clicking...not saying it is so, but musing outloud here.

Bottom line, Washington Scandal wins the Unique Visitors competition hands down.

Now, things get FUZZY from here on out, which is why maybe advertisers need to take a closer look at Perez Hilton's site.

With only 20 unique visitors a day, this blog has an incredible Alexa rank of 1,133!
Meanwhile, Washington Scandal with 160 unique visitors has an Alexa Rank of only 5,929,231. HELLO, someone needs a V-8! Let's now look at one more thing.

Perez Hilton is commanding $700.00 a week for 20 visitors a DAY! Now advertisers, if you do some basic math, you are paying this person who is being SUED $5.00 a visitor to his blog...unless you are selling doggy bags to Paris Hilton and her friends on a regular basis, that's a very pricy per visitor amount to be shelling out.

Now, the weekly rate for Washington Scandal on the other hand is currently $35.00 with a monthly rate of $150. Now, 160 UNIGUE VISITORS a day for seven days is 1120 UNIGUE VISITORS a week. In short, cost per visitor to advertise on Washington Scandal is around 3.1 CENTS.

The numbers tell the TALE! Think about it you really want to be giving Perez Hilton $5.00 a visitor? Or is this just one of those games the A list folks play? Is it actually Paris and her friends funding this farce of a blog? We will never know, but serious business people should know a joke when they see one.

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