Friday, December 8, 2006

Some Folks Have No Sense of Humor...Pornaments Gone From Spencer Gifts

If Spencer's Gifts reads this blog entry, I would LOVE TO HAVE A SET OF THE ORNAMENTS in this article. Seems some holier than thou crusader for all things pure and right has succeeded in intimidating Spencer's Gifts into removing "Clinton White House" like pornographic ornaments from their stores and their website. It's simple...if you do not like the ornaments, do not buy them! In the mean time, for those of us who have a sense of humor, who enjoy a bit of sexual frivolity, leaves us to our own devices, let us buy humping Santa's, or sexy Snow Women!

Maybe it is time for some of these DAMN CHRISTIANS to take responsibility for their own lives, and their own children, rather than trying to stop the rest of us from living and enjoying our lives. If you don't want your children seeing NAKED SNOW MEN, keep them the hell out of Spencer's Gifts! If you don't want your children seeing Penthouse, then keep it in a better hiding place than under your bed. We were born naked, and there is nothing wrong with adults buying the gag gift of naked Christmas ornaments. Wondering here if the moron Thompson will now try to close down my blog?

Spencer Gifts blinks in battle over 'pornaments'
Products disappear from website when criminal complaint sought

Posted: December 8, 2006
5:00 p.m. Eastern

© 2006

A photograph of a "pornament" that fogged in order to be able to show it on television

Pornographic ornaments, apparently similar to those used in the Clinton White House, have disappeared from a novelty company's website, and are being pulled from its stores, after a Miami, Fla., lawyer warned the company that displaying those items where children can see them is illegal in many states.

The "pornaments," featuring various snowman, elf and Santa characters in sexually explicit poses, no longer are available on the website of Spencer Gifts, and Florida lawyer Jack Thompson told WND that he's working to make sure the company faces criminal charges in any state where they continue to appear in stores and where state laws are similar to Florida's.

The "pornaments" graphically depict anal intercourse between a snowman and a bare-breasted "snowwoman," sexual intercourse between reindeer, a naked elf with a gigantic, erect penis, a bare-breasted female elf, and so on, Thompson reported in a letter to authorities.

Those are similar, he said, to the ones former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich described in his book, "Unlimited Access," about security lapses during the Clinton tenure in the White House. That book recounts the placement of pornographic tree ornaments on the official Clinton White House tree, Thompson said.

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