Saturday, December 23, 2006

Chocolate, Health Gift From The God's


With Christmas just TWO DAYS AWAY, the time for making those last minute gift selections is upon those of us who love waiting till the proverbial last minute. This could be a serious problem for some, but not if you have Chocolate Lovers like me on your list! Does not matter what shape, light, dark or white, if it is chocolate, count me in! However, it has to be not just good chocolate, but GREAT own favorites are See's, Ester Prices and of course Godiva...sure there are others, but those are my own current favorites.

Reports show that chocolate is good for...well, JUST ABOUT EVERY THING. Your heart, your mood, even your blood LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS, not to worry. Go to your nearest mall, and find the Godiva Display and load up a box for every one on your list, and two for yourself. As they say, "Chocolate is to DIE FOR", so give the gift everyone loves to consume.

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