Sunday, December 3, 2006

How About A Cow For Christmas?

Christmas is the time for giving, a time to think about someone other than self, the one time of the year when people seem in the mood to be generous of spirit and heart. How many of us take a moment to toss our spare change into the Red Buckets of the Salvation Army on our way into our out of the Mall? If you are not, then SHAME ON YOU.

This year, how about giving someone on your gift list a gift that keeps on giving to someone they do not even know? I'd like to introduct you to OXFAM's where you can shop for numerous charitable gifts to help those in need. A big fan favorite is a cow for only $75, or how about helping to start a villiage savings account? These are but two of the wonderful Humanity Gifts you can find on this wonderful site, and it's my hope that a few of you will click over to give them a hello, and hopefully be moved to make a purchase or two.

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