Sunday, December 3, 2006

Paris Hilton Quits Billboard Awards...uhhh...Who Cares?

If I were to create a list of the top ten women with whom I'd love to share dinner with, a list of fantasy dates, Paris Hilton would not make the fact, if I were to make the list larger, say 1,000 women, she would still fall short of making the cut. She's brash, she's trash, and her antics are...well, distasteful and rude. Here is a young woman that has been given anything and everything a person could hope for in life...fame, fortune, a modicum of good looks, and from this writer's perspective she is doing NOTHING remarkable with these gifts she has received.

So, it it with some humor I read today that she's BACKING out of her appearance at the Billboard Awards because she finds some of the jokes portray some of her friends in a BAD LIGHT...WELL EXCUSE ME, maybe then Paris needs to GET A CLUE. I do not keep tabs on her, but I could recount one sad news story after another about her and her friends. Seem to recall the story about her STUFF found in an abandoned storage facility and her suing to get it back, there was the story about her and her friends hitting a car and driving off after a night of party at some club, or her latest antics with Brittany, the two of them showing up at clubs without their panties on. With these kinds of news stories, how can Paris be upset at a few jokes that might portray her friends in a negative light...does the truth hurt? I only hope that one day she wakes up, realizes what she's been gifted with, starts doing some good in this world, instead of thinking everything in the world revolves around her.

Hilton Quits Billboard Awards Over Jokes
( Does Truth Hurt Paris? )

By The Associated Press
The Associated Press
Sunday, December 3, 2006; 2:12 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Paris Hilton won't joke about her peeps. The hotel heiress canceled an appearance at next week's Billboard Music Awards because she didn't like the jokes written for her, according to a spokesman.

"It is my understanding that some satirical references ridiculed some of her peers," her spokesman, Elliot Mintz, said in a statement. "Paris did not want to say anything that could appear hurtful or embarrassing about people she knows."


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